Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Quick One (as I was away)

Any excuse for a The Who reference . . .

I just got back from visiting my Wife's family in the Washington D.C. and let me tell you, wearing a Hammers shirt or jacket will make you some new friends quickly. I plan on making a trip report in the next few days, but for now thanks to Dan, Will, Drew, and Sally will have to suffice. They made a wonderful trip even more wonderful. If you are ever in the area and need a soccer fix, make sure you get over to Ireland's Four Courts. They made sure I saw the Stoke game in style.

Two big wins and a huge jump up the table. Happy New Year everybody! I hope the club has big resolutions and is able to follow through. I resolve to keep the West Ham spirit alive here in the southern United States and convert more to our noble cause. I hope you all stay safe and prosper.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

West Ham 0- Aston Villa 1

A benefit of living in the United States is that the papers are not full of news of the latest West Ham loss. When my favorite college football team loses a game, I have to avoid the local papers for a few days so I do not have to relive the event. West Ham gave up a undeserved loss to AV on Saturday on a fluke goal. Of course, Davenport probably saved one earlier and AV had another few chances that could have easily gone in. Those didn't though. Only the skim off of Neill's shin did so and Green had to watch helplessly as it spun over his head. West Ham had their chances and Cole continued to score 90% of a goal a few times. Zola says he is going to work on that last 10% with him until Cole is sick of it this week. I hope he throws up all over the pitch.

So, I get to watch the match in the early afternoon due to the time difference. The loss did not ruin the rest of my Saturday but it came damn close. Sunday morning, I awoke to a new day, free of all thought but the match on the 26th. I picked up my Sunday sports section and worked my way through the college basketball scores, bowl previews, and NFL news. On the back page, in the lower left corner, the hand reached up to slap me back to Saturday. It was just a blurb but is read like a long, bad Russian novel. "Brad Friedel made a number of saves to move Aston Villa to third in the English Premier League in their 1-0 win over West Ham at Upton Park."

Why State Newspaper? Why?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chelsea 1-West Ham 1

Everyone knows how well Parker and Collison played. Did everyone miss Behrami as much as I did during the first twenty minutes of the second half? It was as though he was getting a rub down at half and did not make it back in time for the kick-off. Bellamy probably does not have to run in the off-season; All he does is continue to yap non-stop to exercise his lungs. Somebody needs to mic him for a match. I am sure it would be comedy gold.

The Ref decided to book everyone in the first half and then watch the second with his eyes closed. It would have taken a stab wound to bring out a card. Chelsea are going to continue to complain about the shoulder ball and the Lampard fall though they both appeared to be defensible decisions. If they had gone the other way, Hammers would have just as valid complaints.

It was fantastic seeing Bellamy finally get one in. Now, let's work on the bunches that should follow. Unfortunately, it is becoming less disappointing when Cole misses a makeable chance. He had a few flashes where he flat out physically dominated in the middle. Then, he would get the ball and fall over himself.

From a defensive standpoint, the team looked comfortable. It was worrying not to see Collins in there with his anvil head. It turned out alright though it was killing me to watch all those clearance kicks not make it to mid-field. Also, it appeared that there was a lack of zip on some back passes. Like I said, the defense looked comfortable, but I was worried it would turn to lackadaisical and one of those lazy passes would end up on the foot of a blue toe and over the Green. Speaking of Green, he avoided his embarrassing moment and all we will remember will be the couple of very nice saves he made. This is not the same keeper we saw against Everton.

It was a huge point. Let's get three this week.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I shouldn't really cheer loudly here, but if WHU scores late to take a win, I just might let fly

The online calculator states I am 4069 miles away from the match today as the crow flies. Why is my stomach so jittery then? Come 3:00 p.m. my time, I am shutting the door to my office with a shout of "Hold all my calls!" I have always wanted to shout that, though I never have.

Physical manifestations of stress from an event occurring over 4000 miles away caused by the future actions of adult men whom I have never met: I can't really say that is healthy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

And Boa Morte comes off the bench to score a fantastic win for West Ham United!!! What? He missed? You've got to be ************ kidding me.

I hate to bandy about the word "useless" about world class athletes, but Boa Morte and Faubert looked as though they were playing for the red team today. Bellamy kept the team alive with the pressure he was able to muster all match while Ol' Ironhead and his crew did their job splendidly for the third match in a row. Gerrard was kept in check but for an incredible entry pass late that ended up out of the net somehow. I would like a photo of his face though, right after he whiffed on his shot. It was priceless.

Announcers time their words in an attempt to look prescient. At the eighty minute mark it was, "No side has scored more last minute goals than Liverpool and no side has conceded more than West Ham United." Really? Stellar observation there Sherlock.

The Liverpool crowd seemed into the match the entire time though I imagine it was frustrating for them not to be able to break through. No sympathy here though. I've got my own team to worry about. One point is a freaking win today. Nice job, guys!

The P2P went out at about the 30 minute mark and I could not find any other source, so I went ahead and signed up for a month of Setanta Broadband to get the second half. Meh, I should have done it at the beginning of the season anyway. Thanks to all of you who post the streams. It helps those of us who are in other parts of the World a lot.