Monday, December 1, 2008

And Boa Morte comes off the bench to score a fantastic win for West Ham United!!! What? He missed? You've got to be ************ kidding me.

I hate to bandy about the word "useless" about world class athletes, but Boa Morte and Faubert looked as though they were playing for the red team today. Bellamy kept the team alive with the pressure he was able to muster all match while Ol' Ironhead and his crew did their job splendidly for the third match in a row. Gerrard was kept in check but for an incredible entry pass late that ended up out of the net somehow. I would like a photo of his face though, right after he whiffed on his shot. It was priceless.

Announcers time their words in an attempt to look prescient. At the eighty minute mark it was, "No side has scored more last minute goals than Liverpool and no side has conceded more than West Ham United." Really? Stellar observation there Sherlock.

The Liverpool crowd seemed into the match the entire time though I imagine it was frustrating for them not to be able to break through. No sympathy here though. I've got my own team to worry about. One point is a freaking win today. Nice job, guys!

The P2P went out at about the 30 minute mark and I could not find any other source, so I went ahead and signed up for a month of Setanta Broadband to get the second half. Meh, I should have done it at the beginning of the season anyway. Thanks to all of you who post the streams. It helps those of us who are in other parts of the World a lot.

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