Tuesday, December 23, 2008

West Ham 0- Aston Villa 1

A benefit of living in the United States is that the papers are not full of news of the latest West Ham loss. When my favorite college football team loses a game, I have to avoid the local papers for a few days so I do not have to relive the event. West Ham gave up a undeserved loss to AV on Saturday on a fluke goal. Of course, Davenport probably saved one earlier and AV had another few chances that could have easily gone in. Those didn't though. Only the skim off of Neill's shin did so and Green had to watch helplessly as it spun over his head. West Ham had their chances and Cole continued to score 90% of a goal a few times. Zola says he is going to work on that last 10% with him until Cole is sick of it this week. I hope he throws up all over the pitch.

So, I get to watch the match in the early afternoon due to the time difference. The loss did not ruin the rest of my Saturday but it came damn close. Sunday morning, I awoke to a new day, free of all thought but the match on the 26th. I picked up my Sunday sports section and worked my way through the college basketball scores, bowl previews, and NFL news. On the back page, in the lower left corner, the hand reached up to slap me back to Saturday. It was just a blurb but is read like a long, bad Russian novel. "Brad Friedel made a number of saves to move Aston Villa to third in the English Premier League in their 1-0 win over West Ham at Upton Park."

Why State Newspaper? Why?

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