Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The past is past. The future awaits and contains a striker at every turn. Hopefully some Saints stayed in town and are available for knockout duty,

Arsenal just played a little bit better. For much of the game West Ham stood toe-to-toe, but one little lapse led to the only score that mattered. Faubert is a good player. I think it is obvious he has some nice skills. Where do you put him though? Right now, it seems as though he is being plugged into a square hole just to get him on the field.

Welcome back Mr. Collins. Solid, as was Parker.

For the first time this year, the middle looked safe as I found myself not cringing every time the ball went into the middle third. It will be a tall order to replicate that feeling with Man. U. and the fifteen strikers they will be putting on the field tomorrow.

Speaking of strikers, Cole may be one one day. Unlike that Lost castaway, Mr. Eko, for Arsenal, Carlton does not appear to have grown into his body yet. Once he adds 10-15 pounds of muscle, he will be able to shunt defenders aside and make better opportunities in front of the goal. Right now, he seems on the verge of always tripping over his own feet.

Bellamy is fast. I bet he gets impatient if the patron in front of him at the checkout takes too long to unpack their cart. He will break out for two or three as long as he can keep the hammy from sproinging.

My favorite announcer comment of the match: Faubert had an awful clearance attempt that popped straight up and the comment was, “That was a fairly unsophisticated attempt.” Indeed.

I want a win over Man. U. Oh, I know you all want one as well. I need it though as most of the EPL fans in town are supporters of that group for some reason. They have that Dallas Cowboy thing going on without the cool star on the helmet.

Speaking of the NFL, did the Saints-Chargers game cut into attendance at the EPL matches on Sunday? I noticed a ticket promotion on the West Ham website for Arsenal and was confused as I figured any match with them would be an instant sellout. At least the NFL game was entertaining unlike the one they had over there last year.

Alright, the recorder is set to go tomorrow as I will be playing poker during the match and we don’t get Fox Soccer channel out there. Not that anybody in my game would want to watch it anyway. They would rather listen to bad music of their youth. Not my youth mind you. That music was awesome. ;)

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