Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Even in South Carolina there are Manchester United asses giving me a hard time (he's not really an ass, just a Man. U. fan)

I hung out with Buddy Tim last night who asked if I was going to cut out of work early today to watch the game. I told him I was going to tape it and watch it later as my Wednesday night poker game was going to conflict with it. Tim, still not certain about my EPL knowledge, wondered if I even knew what game he was talking about. I replied that it was the game wherein Manchester United was going to suffer a crushing defeat. His response was that it was clear I did not know the game he was speaking of. He was referring to the one was one in which West Ham United was going to get demolished. "That game is not scheduled for tomorrow," I replied. Hope I'm right.

I now have to spend the next 36 hours avoiding him and the internet so as not to hear the score before I have a chance to watch the match Thursday night. Please, nobody post anything important until Friday morning when I have a chance to get back on the net. Thanks. ;)

Edit: It appears as though I will be able to watch from the office today thanks to a timely heads-up from Hammered who has become the "go-to" guy for up to the minute revelations.

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