Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hull. Who Knew?

Before the season, when the schedule had just come out, you took your mental pencil and marked the projected wins and losses for the year. You put a check in the win column against a few of the big clubs. For the most part, you made sure it was home game as you know the boys always play a bit better in front of the home fans. Sure, you probably picked an away upset somewhere in there. After all, there is always hope and a little history to support such a pick. Besides, what is better than being able to say, "I knew it!" when they pull off a big victory on the road.

For the most part though, you tried to keep it reasonable. The Hammers were sure to lose a few on the road they should win, would lose some at home to a team that was just better, or played better that day, and would suffer the random, inexplicable loss to an inferior side. As for the wins, you marked down the sure things first, before you moved on to the "should wins," "could wins," and "Boy it would be nice to win this one wins." If your list was anything like mine, Hull was on that "should win" list at the beginning of the year along with Bolton and WBA. Unlike as with those two though, Hull has to be moved into the "could win" column. They are on an amazing run and I hope it continues for a bit. At least until the rematch. Who knew they would be able to do this first time around? If you did, more power to you. What did you put by Arsenal this week?


I am watching the Man. U/Celtic match on P2P on a Chinese network I think. I recognized when they said "Davenport," but Berbetov was a mish-mash.

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