Tuesday, February 3, 2009

West Ham 2-Hull City and Arsenal 0; Why did we only get four points

I think the Irons looked slow against Arsenal. That may be due to the fact Arsenal is just faster through the midfield. Neill is definitely amongst the slowest on the field on any particular night, but Behrami is sufficient cover most of the time. Three games in seven days culminating with a trip to Big Four land and I have to be happy with the results. Sure, it would have been nice to slip one in, but we were lucky on an Arsenal shot that could have easily squirmed over Green's fingers. With a full week's preparation, my anticipation for the northern team is high. Of course, I will be watching it after the fact as usual so none of you text me the results, alright?

The score should have been 5-0 versus Hull. Otherwise, it was a great result versus a team that looked to have it going on the first half and is now in potentially serious trouble. I hope they pull it together but still finish well below WHU.

Has the transfer window closed yet? I am looking forward to seeing Savio and Sears run out together one of these days. I am also extremely happy with the Ilunga signing as I view him as vital. What will the papers write about now?

Rare photos of James Collins in training.

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Joppe - said...

I like the tone and style ofyour blog. Even agree with you someimes ;)
Wish we could sit down in that bar you go to and watch a game together one day!