Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Important Stretch

Alright boy, let's get those hammies loose, make those quads relax, stretch those neck muscles. The next six of seven league matches feature opponents currently below us in the standings. The lone exceptions sits just above us. A string of wins here are vital to hopes beyond mere safety from relegation. Some of these matches went against the hammers in the first go-round so it is vital to make up for those losses with wins. It will be especially difficult without Cole or Behrami for part of this run, but this team has overcome so much adversity this year so far, what's a little more? Seriously, have any of you long-time WHU fans ever been more happy with the direction of the club?

The Wanderers are on the table next. Let's get this one over early. Who will be up front? Sears? Tristan? I am betting on Tristan with Sears early in the second. I think Freddie will start at the 'boro next week and am looking for a goal. I expect Savio to make his appearance as well in both matches, maybe starting one. It is obvious Zola wants him in there learning the game. I am going to wear my #33 this weekend just in case. As all the Arsenal fans are at the main bar watching their team and being entirely too loud, I'll be sitting over in the corner, fixated on the Irons. Let's get this one done to start this run right.

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