Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tape Delayed Wins Still Count as Three Points

On Sunday, I had to avoid the reaches of the internet that would have the EPL scores. I surfed around a few US news sites and a few other regular sites of interest while waiting on the match to be replayed on Setanta at 5:00 p.m. Our cable carrier does not offer Setanta as an option, leaving only the satellite companies. Unfortunately, my house is surronded by tall trees and no signal is possible. Therefore, I am subject to the opening hours of the Cock n' Bull to catch any match not on Fox. Now, if WHU is playing one of the big four, the pub will be open no matter the time. But, for a match versus Fulham, I am going to have to wait until regular business hours.

There are only two televisions in the bar and both were tuned to the Eagles-Cardinals game when I walked in. It is a soccer bar though and the tender was happy to turn it to the West Ham match for me. It only caused a few grumbles as another table had to readjust to watch the NFL game on the TV over the bar. The downside for me is that I had no sound on my game. Stuck with my own analysis of the action, I watched another fine performance by the front line and generally solid play throughout. I think Di Michele played very well and showed his ability with the ball. It will be interesting to see if he can raise his play with a run of three or four starts. When he has been coming in as a late sub, he has been invisible. Over ninety minutes, his deftness may prove redeeming. Cole continued to bruise away and get another score off a nice Di Michele pass. He also set up Noble's PK with a strong run.

Two of the ex-hammers looked to still be on the payroll for at least a little bit. Bad defense led to two of the goals. How about that strike from Konchesky? Green appeared stuck for a minute, but who can blame him? I don't think anyone expected that shot from there with that much juice and aim. A clean sheet would have been nice, but three points was vital. It clears the relegation zone by a few games and marks a win in a "should" win situation.

This week, I am back on tape delay for the Hartlepool match. Man, I love the FA Cup. It's Hoosiers on grass. But Monkey Hangers? Seriously?

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