Friday, January 16, 2009

A Talented Child

From the Mail Online: Craig Bellamy looks set to leave West Ham after angrily storming out of the club's Chadwell Heath training ground

Seriously? Stormed out? Is this possibly true or another seeming misstatement by the Mail in their never ending pursuit of transfers that will justify their statements about WHU having to sell players to stay solvent?

I like Bellamy on the field for the Hammers. He is non-stop action: feet and mouth. He gets into the other team's face and head. The simple truth though, is that he is a vagabond, staying with no team for an appreciable length. On top of that, he has hamstrings that betray him quite often, making his availability a dicey proposition.

The bright side way of looking at a possible transfer is that the club will double their investment, lose an injury-prone player, make a statement to Cole that the team believes his is the man, and be able to develop new talent at the position (Freddie, Freddie, Freddie). The dark side is losing the heart of the scoring with no proven replacement and realizing your team does not have the financial means to compete nor the same desire as the fans to see a winner.

Stay or go, I don't know. Get it over with though.

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