Monday, April 23, 2012

It is rough enough growing up a University of South Carolina Gamecock fan. For years, talk of the "Chicken Curse" has reigned supreme in Columbia, SC. Now, the curse is dead, killed by Ray Tanner, Dawn Staley, Curtis Frye, Steve Spurrier, and the greatest of them all, Michael Roth.

What fresh hell is this? Is there really a chance? Can West Ham pick up six and Southampton zero? An old-school Carolina fan would expect West Ham to crush in the next two matches, erasing the goal differential, only to see Southampton score in extra time to win. But, I'm no longer an old school Carolina fan. Jackie Bradley, Jr. cured that. Until my last breath, I hope.

(I know none of you know who these people I referenced are. Suffice to say, they are awesome in certain circles of the World)

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BigPirate said...

Good Lord, if he doesn't put out an attacking team and try to destroy the other team . . .