Monday, May 3, 2010

With plenty of time to spare

Yesterday's close score apparently does not do justice to the actual events. What a shame, I was hoping that near-certain safety would loosen up the team a bit and they would put forth a great effort. ESPN says Hull just lost by giving up a tying goal at the very end. That removes all irrational doubt about the Hammer's scraping through and guarantees one more year in the top flight.

My off-season wish is not to hear a public peep from the owners other than "We are trying to put together a good team for next season." I don't want to hear how tough the situation is or how you made such a bad investment only because you love the team so much. We know how bad it is. If you make it better, we will believe you are the greatest businessmen in the World. We will think you hung the Moon. Just shut up about it and get to your business. For now, it appears you are trying to make excuses for an inevitable failure.

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