Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Could Have Been Worse

I had to watch out the corner of my eye for a good bit of the match, but came away pretty happy. Of course, we gave the ball away too easily, too often, but so did Portsmouth. Collison looked as though he an easy score and Nouble should have had at least one and maybe two.

I think Noble had a nice game and is playing much better since he came off his break of not starting. It may have been the kick int he pants he needed.

How long can Pompey keep that keeper? Any interest in a London move next season?

I was so worried when I saw Cole warming up. Players were falling all over the pitch as the footing looked terrible. It would have been a shame to lose him to a dumb injury caused by a bad field. I assume that all that was taken into consideration and the team knows how healthy he is after giving him appropriate treatment and time. He looked good. It is obvious how strong he is when he shoulders a defender out of the way and his speed was evident. It will be nice if he can make a run the rest of the season. Add in one of those strikers whose names have been bandied about and all I have to worry about is the back line.

Nice goal Matt.

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