Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Ramble

Lucas Neill finally found a new home. It appears he "trusted his feelings." Aww, isn't that sweet? I don't have the heart to go through the article and replace all the "S's" with "$" but I know many of us see those there anyway. He did play well in the second half last season, overcoming his lack of foot speed with some chippiness and light thuggery to help WHU keep the scores down when we had such a hard time scoring ourselves.

After Wigan, I didn't have the heart to write. I don't know if it is even more disappointing to watch such a performance when you have to wait for the delayed broadcast or when you can see it live. I think it is worse waiting. First off, I have to avoid the internet and watching any other soccer until the game is shown to be sure I don't inadvertently catch the score. Then, there is just the extra anticipation that goes with waiting eight hours after you know the match had already kicked off. When they end up losing, you get the double blow of the loss and seeming waste of effort to see the game rather than just logging in and viewing the Gamecast on ESPN while it was live.

Last year, the one point against WBA was intolerable. Is Wigan this year's WBA?

My career as a soccer coach is going fantastic. I like yelling at six year-olds for an hour. Who knew?

Liverpool is a 12:30 p.m. start for us. Youth soccer is over at 12:00. We'll hit the Rosewood Dairy Bar for lunch, then the Cock N' Bull for the match. There will be three Hammers and probably 20-30 guys wearing red jerseys and talking of past European Championship glory. Should be fun.

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