Wednesday, August 26, 2009

31 + 12 = Class

Prayers out to Jack Collison and family. I have seen many post they are getting jersey's with his name and number in show of support. I will be joining that effort. It would be nice if he can see the support in the stands with a sea of "Collinson's."

Prayers out to Calum Davenport and his Mother. Here is to a speedy recovery.

I have few words for last night. The BBC radio broadcast was unbelievable. The crowd noise was drowning out the announcers who were fabulous themselves. Their voices were full of wonder at the intensity of the crowd and fear at the actions of a segment thereof. With ten minutes to go, one said "If any are here listening with children, get out now!" Of course, almost everything good from last night is for naught as the actions of an irrelevant few have marred West Ham, Millwall, and English football for probably years.

I go to many games each year in the South Carolina-Clemson rivalry. It has been going on longer than West Ham-Millwall. The "feuds" rarely rise to anything other than good natured ribbing. Don't quesion it's intensity as it is as extreme as any other rivialry not involving armies, but most fans realize they have to live with each other every other day of the year.

I know the bozos don't care, but the real WHU and Millwall fans are disgusted by you and will be happy to see you barred from the matches.

I would like to give the Jackie Robinson Award to Carlton Cole for his restraint last night as well. I probably would not have been as classy.

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